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Roof Repairs

Roof Repair Service

Integrity Roofers offers both emergency roof leak and non-emergency roof repair services to both commercial and residential roofing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Roof Repairs
Roof Repair

Proof of Our Roofing Repair Work, With a Guarantee

For each roof repair, our roofers will take before and after photos of your roof during the roof inspection to show you exactly what we have done to fix the problem. This not only proves our work, but also educates you on the various components of your roofing system so you are better prepared for next time.

For your full peace of mind, we provide a 12-year warranty on home roof replacements. Should any aspect of your repair prove unsatisfactory from a workmanship standpoint, we fix it at no additional charge to you for a period of up to 10 years.

Roofing Repair Services

Integrity Roofers provides regular roof maintenance, roof installation, and roof repair services for any roofing problem. Our maintenance, roofing installation and repair services address:

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Repair

Q: What can cause a roof to wear out?

A: Many factors contribute to a roof’s demise. Climate, weather, UV rays, bacterial growth, hailstones and the loss of granules on the shingles are problems. If you have dark shingles, your roof could degrade faster than lighter coloured ones.

Q: Can I repair my roof or should I replace it?

A: If your roof is at the end of its life, it needs replacement. If it is just a leak, a repair can be enacted. If there is shingle damage, they can be replaced to stop widespread damage.

Q: Is it difficult to repair a leaking roof?

A: It depends. Leaks and the cause combined with a roof’s age are the factors to decide the answer. Minor issues require minor repairs; more significant problems require more comprehensive solutions.

Q: How much does a roof repair cost?

A: Again, that depends on the type of roof – pitch, shingles, and the problems that need attending too. Get quotes from several reputable roofers for more information.

Q: Do you offer emergency service repairs?

A: At Integrity Roofers, we are on call 24/7/365 for any problems that need immediate attention.

Q: Do you provide free roofing estimates?

A: Of course, we encourage customers to contact us when they have roofing problems, and we will supply our expert advice free of charge.

Integrity Roofers Ltd. offers three different types of roofing warranties:

Sure Start CertainTeed Plus
Sure Start CertainTeed Protection
SELECT ShingleMaster CertainTeed

Contractor’s Warranty

Our Contractor’s Warranty is offered directly by Integrity Roofers Ltd roofing company.  This warranty covers our workmanship for a period of up to 10 years.  Workmanship refers to any and all parts of the roofing installation process.  Our roofing company stand by our work and the team that performs it, so that in the unlikely event that any part of your roofing system is installed incorrectly, we repair or replace a new roof as needed – no questions asked, free of charge.  This is how we try to separate our roofing company from the roofing industry by providing the best warranty and the highest quality of service to our customers.

Manufacturer’s Non-Prorated Warranty

A Non-Prorated Manufacturer’s Warranty provides full coverage on all roofing materials, labour, tear-off and disposal for a specified period of time. At CertainTeed, it is called SureStart Plus. In order to receive this warranty, a roofing contractor who is certified by the manufacturer must perform the installation, following each and every guideline and specification outlined by the manufacturer. No corners can be cut and no wrong materials used. If all is done correctly, as a homeowner you benefit from full coverage regardless of whether you need a small repair or a complete replacement. Upon installation, the contractor registers your warranty with the manufacturer to ensure your coverage for the full duration.

Manufacturer’s Prorated Warranty

A Prorated Manufacturer’s Warranty, such as CertainTeed’s SureStart, is limited and may only cover certain aspects of your roof replacement or repair.  A Prorated Warranty is provided on roofing systems whose installation did not follow the full scope of the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications.

Prorated Warranties will vary according to the product and manufacturer you choose.  For example, CertainTeed’s SureStart Warranty, within 10 years of installation, covers materials and labour but not disposal or tear-off.  Other Prorated Warranties depreciate over time, offering replacement materials or the cash equivalent of what the replacement materials are worth at the time they fail.

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“Most companies I contacted ignored my inquiry or indicated they were too busy. With Integrity, I was given a quote within hours and the job was completed within a couple days. The repair person was courteous and tidy.”


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