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Commercial Skylights

One way to introduce a positive ambiance into your enterprise is to usher in the beauty and warmth of natural light with a skylight. While residential skylights are often standard shapes and sizes, commercial skylights tend to be much larger, and for this reason they are custom made, oftentimes according to the design of an architect. They may be pyramid-shaped,V-shaped or dome-shaped, tailored depending on your preference and to suit the structure of your building.

Commercial Skylights
Commercial Skylights

Whether you are looking to maintain or repair an existing skylight, or to create a new one from scratch, at Integrity Roofers, we take care of the entire process, start to finish. From creating the custom metal flashing and the opening required in the roof to renting a crane to lift the heavy materials (if need be), to installing the skylight, properly sealing it and maintaining it after installation, our highly experienced experts are at your service. We provide you with a ten year warranty as well as year-round service for inspection, cleaning and the recommended annual maintenance. Prices vary according to the size and scope of the project as well as location of the site.

Aside from the functionality of a roof, the aesthetic appeal of a skylight can go a long way in attracting clientele to your business and in the boosting morale and creativity of your employees. Happy stargazing!


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