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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Since commercial roofing is usually flat, rainwater is evacuated by means of drains and scuppers. When leaves, feathers or airborne debris gets into the drainage system, clogs can occur, causing internal leakage and interference with air conditioning systems or other units on the roof.


At Integrity Roofers, we provide a semi-annual maintenance service to ensure that your roof is well-cared for. We remove the build up of waste from your roof and we check up on the metal flashing, membranes, capping, etc. in order to supply your roof with the proper conditions to last. We provide you with photos of the condition of your roof which we update in our database with every visit, and we impart information relevant to its upkeep so that you can take whatever preventative measures necessary before a problem arises. It is worth noting that most manufacturers do not guarantee their roofing products without ample cleaning maintenance, since gravity alone is not enough to drain a flat roof system.

The cost of this service ranges from 450-750$, depending on your location and the size of your building. Contact us for pricing in your area.


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