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Ice Damming Services

What is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam is a buildup of ice that forms at the base, eaves or other areas of your roof.  It is a result of heat escaping from your interior home into your attic, which then warms the roof deck (this is the structure beneath your shingles).  This heat, combined with heat from the sun can cause the snow on your roof to melt.  The water then runs down to the gutters where it is colder, and as a result, refreezes.  This ongoing and problematic cycle of freezing, thawing and refreezing is what creates ice dams.

What is an Ice Dam
What is an Ice Dam

What Issues are Caused by Ice Dams?

Because ice dams represent areas where water builds up, once it melts it goes into unwanted places such as under the shingles and behind the fascia boards causing seep-through into the roof deck and underlayment.  This can lead to significant damage of your attic, insulation, ceilings, walls and even personal belongings inside your home.

The Solutions

Integrity Roofers can help rid you of your ice damming issues for good. We take a root-cause approach to your problem and offer long-lasting ice damming solutions. Ice dams can be caused by:

We assess each aspect of your roofing system and make repairs and improvements where necessary to ensure ice dam prevention. By enhancing attic ventilation, improving attic insulation and sealing any air leaks that may be the cause of air loss, we help protect your home from future ice dams.

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