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Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal

Since flat roofs tend to have less cabin space in the attic, there is an increased risk that heat loss will occur. When this happens, if there is not proper attic ventilation, the warm air rising from inside the building causes the snow on your roof to melt. Since local temperatures are prone to fluctuate and drop dramatically, the melted snow may freeze again, before the water has the chance to clear off the roof. This newly-formed sheet of ice, sometimes 2-6 inches thick can act as a barrier to the drainage system, and a pool of water from precipitation may form over the ice and cause complications, backups and leakages into the property, especially if the drains and scuppers are already blocked. When an ice storm, freezing rain or drain backups occur, ice expansion can result in burst pipes in your home.

The freeze and thaw cycle combined with blocked drains can make the roof very slippery and dangerous to work on, with there being a possibility of the requirement of temporary railing installation in order to complete the necessary work. So as to minimize the chances that this situation will arise in the first place, flat roof maintenance is highly recommended.

If this situation does present itself, Integrity Roofers is well equipped for dealing with it. We arrive on the scene with an ice melter, which uses calcium to dissolve the frost and protects your roof by eliminating the need to initiate the process with an ice pick. We melt the ice enough to break it apart gently and carefully and we then provide you with the option of addressing ventilation and insulation issues that give rise to this situation, so as to prevent further complications down the line. This is usually a recommended preventative procedure which can help lengthen the longevity of your roof, lower your winter heating bills and defend your roof from ice and snow issues in the near future.

The cost of this service varies, depending on the services you choose, your location and the size of your building. Contact us for pricing in your area.


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