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Top 5 Factors that Determine the Cost of Roof Repair

Top 5 Factors that Determine the Cost of Roof Repair

June 10, 2019

Depending on the degree and type of restoration required, a roof repair project can be time-consuming and expensive. Most roof repair contractors give a free estimate to help you get a clear picture of what exactly needs to be examined, repaired, or replaced. Understanding the factors involved in repairing a roof can help you be better prepared to determine the budget. Read on to learn about the essential aspects that influence the cost of a roof repair.

5 Factors that Influence the Cost of Complete Roof Repair

1. Roof Type

Depending on whether your roof is shingled or metal, sloped or flat, low or high pitch, the cost of repairs will vary. In addition to the type of your roof, factors such as the roofing materials will have an impact on the overall price. This is because they help the contractor decide how much time, labour, supplies and other resources are required to restore the integrity of your roof. It will also help them to judge whether they need to take any precautionary measures when working on it.

2. Permits

The city or area where you live in can affect the cost of your roof repair. Your roof repair contractor may need to obtain permits to make the required changes. The price of the permit may be based on the size or value of your property, or it could be a flat rate in your region. This could increase the overall cost of your roof repair.

3. Scope of the Repairs

The size and extent of the roof repair are crucial factors that determine the price of the project. Roofing contractors often determine the price based on the total area, generally by the square footage. They usually give any leftover materials to the homeowner after finishing the job.

4. Water Damage

Water tends to damage the very structure of your home. It is difficult to assess any damage caused by water because it may not be visible until the roofers inspect the decking underneath after removing the roof shingles. Also, repairing water damage can be expensive and increase the overall cost. However, it is an essential aspect of roof maintenance that you should not overlook as it can lead to a roof replacement.

5. Inspecting Skylights and Chimneys

Examining chimneys, flashings, skylights, and other accessories can also raise the cost of roof repairs. The roof repair contractor may need more labour to work around such elements. Sometimes, they may also need to be replaced, increasing the cost of your roof repair job.

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