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Save Energy Costs for Your Home with Adequate Attic Insulation

Save Energy Costs for Your Home with Adequate Attic Insulation

April 5, 2017

Adequate Attic Insulation Plays a Vital Role in Reducing Home Energy Costs

It is quite possible that a substantial percentage of Toronto homeowners have never set foot or even looked in their attic; some may actually have to reflect for a moment before they can recall where in their home they might access the attic. And because there is so little, if any, homeowner traffic in this area, it is very unlikely that they could confirm the type of attic insulation housed within.

However, these same homeowners are likely aware that, without any attic insulation, the seasonal temperatures within their home can be rather unbearable; this in turn would be the result of poor energy efficiency and lead to home energy bills that are undoubtedly very steep and staggering. In essence, attic insulation is a thermal barrier that inhibits heat flow or transfer; it serves to keep hot air out during the summer and prevent heat loss throughout the winter, thereby regulating the amount of energy required for cooling and heating the home respectively.

In addition to making a home more energy efficient overall, adequate attic insulation can provide homeowners with the following benefits:

  • Preservation of roof integrity and longevity
  • Improvement of the air quality inside the home
  • Prevention of expensive roof repairs/replacement
  • Averting the formation of ice dams during the winter
  • Extending the lifespan of heating and cooling systems

There are principally three types of attic insulation commonly in use today, including:

  • Fiberglass Insulation – sheets or rolls that are sized to fit the spaces between floor joints and wall studs; they can be cut with a sharp blade to fit into irregular spaces or to permit pipes or wiring to pass through, and can also be treated with fire-resistant chemicals to provide added protection for home and occupants.
  • Blown-In (Cellulose) Insulation – this form consists of loose fibers or fiber pellets that are distributed through specialized machinery; due to its loose-fill nature, it is a good option for attics with unfinished floors as this material will readily fill/plug gaps and spaces.
  • Spray Foam Insulation – a compound prepared by qualified spray foam insulation contractors and applied using special equipment; it acts as both insulation and an air barrier and is very effective in sealing cavities and gaps to prevent heat loss and cold air penetration. Additional benefits of spray foam insulation include its fire-resistant and insect-resistant properties, noise reduction, and its substantial long-term savings with respect to home energy bills; it is considered by many to be the best option of the three attic insulation types.

Many homeowners may be looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient; some commonly-known practices likely include: upgrading to high-efficiency appliances, switching to LED lighting, and adjusting their thermostat by one degree. Another area to consider would be their attic insulation; is it effectively inhibiting heat flow/heat transfer?

Experienced Spray Foam Installation Contractors Can Help Optimize its Benefits

Spray Foam InsulationCompared to the other types of attic insulation, foam has a higher initial installation cost. However, as noted above, foam insulation provides the dual benefits of inhibiting heat loss and preventing cold air penetration into the home, pivotal factors in reducing home energy bills.

To gain the maximum benefits from spray foam, the installation must be completed by experienced roofing and insulation contractors such as the team from Integrity Roofers in Toronto; this would be particularly important if the existing attic insulation requires removal before the foam insulation is sprayed.

In scheduling a thorough roof and attic inspection by Integrity Roofers, homeowners will receive a detailed analysis of the energy efficiency, or more accurately, the deficiency of this area of the home; in turn, Integrity Roofers can Seal these Leaks Professionally prior to addressing the insulation itself.

For further background on the attic insulation services provided by the professionals at Integrity Roofers, see our Attic Insulation page.

Having sufficient attic insulation and effective air sealing can have a major impact on the energy efficiency of your home. If you have questions about spray foam insulation (such as how much does spray foam installation cost?) Call the attic insulation specialists from Integrity Roofers today at 416-639-0779 or Contact us to schedule a comprehensive attic inspection or a no-obligation consultation at your earliest convenience.