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Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

June 12, 2015

A majority of business buildings have flat roofs – whether it be for architectural reasoning, cost or laws of that particular city. Whatever the reasoning, when it comes to repairing a flat roof, there are a lot more options than there used to be. If you were to climb atop older flat roofs, the materials would probably look the same – black, rubbery or pebbled. Since the 1960’s, this has been how it was done. Not anymore. When it comes to repair or replacement, there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

roofer laying down flat roof material When you begin having issues with your flat roof, you need to find several companies to take a look and give an estimate. Some are still dealing with issues in a less than advanced way and some may be very pricey. Look for reputable (BBB – Better Business Bureau) company that offers free estimates. Most will do an inspection of your roof and offer an estimate with photos (which saves time and eliminates the need for you take time out to climb on the roof). They should be able to show you the exact areas having issues as well as offer a couple of different options to solve the problems. Commercial flat roof repair is very different from roof repairs on homes and a company with experience is a must.

In the course of their inspection, a company should check areas around HVAC units, windows, siding masonry, stucco and check areas of condensation. A lot of time, the leaking is found to be around these areas and a simpler, less expensive repair can be made.

If the issue is a larger issue, such as seams or flashings or pooling, there are several different materials that a commercial flat roof repair company can offer. The latest technology takes into account so many more issues than just the fact that the roof is flat, needs a pitch and gets hot. Newer, longer lasting materials are available that can be used in the repair or replacement. Some of the materials are:

EPDM Rubber, PVC sheeting, TPO (advanced rubber), Metal, Asphalt, Acrylic, Elastrometric, PUF and Solvent based materials.

Your commercial roofer should be able to explain and choose a few of these as options for your particular repair needs. Another option to check on is a maintenance program with a commercial flat roofer. Some offer programs where they would inspect and repair issues with your roof for a certain amount of time (1 to 3 years seems to be the norm). You pay a yearly or monthly fee and issues that arise under your allotted program time are covered at no charge. Several companies offer these with restrictions you will need to note.

Whatever options you and your roofer decided upon, be sure to find out if their work is guaranteed or warrantied. A reputable company will offer this service without hesitation. Building a trust with a roofer can be very helpful as your roof continues to age. A reliable commercial flat roof repair company is a business contact and relationship that can be invaluable over the years.