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How to Find & Choose the Best Toronto Roofing Company

How to Find & Choose the Best Toronto Roofing Company

January 28, 2020

Roofing companies come in all shapes and sizes. Locating a roof repair company in the Greater Toronto Area is the easy part. Finding the best one is where the challenges start. When you are looking for the best Toronto roofers, look no further than Integrity Roofers. We employ the best tradesmen in the GTA – whether it be for commercial or residential services, we have the expertise to complete the project.

What’s The Difference Between Good And Bad Roofing Companies In Toronto

  • You don’t hire a contractor every day, so how do you know the difference between good and bad roofing companies in Toronto. You can always find inexpensive Toronto roofing companies, but it should never be about price. It should be about the results provided by Toronto roofing companies and how it drives the decision-making process.
  • Your new roof looks great, but how do you know if it is the right roof for your home. Time, as they say, will tell, and at Integrity Roofers, we deal with customers who have had less than great results from a roofing contractor. If your roof is failing within five years of installation, you have are the victim of inferior products or poor workmanship. Leaks are the number one problem for poor roofing work, and they can come within weeks of installation.
  • Problematic leaks in a roofing system will cause thousands of dollars of damage to a home. And the damage, many times, is not covered by home insurance.

What Should I Ask A Potential Toronto Roofer?

Before you hire a Toronto roofing contractor, you need to do some due diligence to get a picture of what services you are purchasing and what the company will be doing on-site. We have provided a comprehensive list to help with your contractor reviews that will greatly help a homeowner get value for money.

  • How long will the job take to complete?
  • Who will do the work, a subcontractor or the roofing contractor’s crew?
  • Who will supervise the worksite?
  • How will you protect the grounds around the worksite?
  • What type of shingles or membranes do you use?
  • Is the debris disposal included in your quote?
  • What warranties are included for the work done?
  • Do we need to do anything before the job starts or after it is done, or are you offering turnkey service?
  • Will the gutters be cleaned out?
  • How long have you been in business with this business name and license number?

Residential & Commercial Roofing Services

Shopping around for residential or commercial roofing services can be fraught with obstacles if you have no background in the roofing industry. Consulting our company, Integrity Roofers, takes all the guesswork out of hiring a contractor. We have a long history in the roofing business, and our work exceeds industry standards for quality and workmanship.

Our staff is top-flight with many years of experience, and they have developed a level of expertise unmatched in the Greater Toronto Area roofing industry.

When your roofing system is in trouble, and you know you need help, we, at Integrity Roofers, stand at the ready to prosecute your roofing problems with extreme prejudice. For a free estimate and a no-obligation assessment of your roofing problems, call us today at Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365.