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6 Signs That Indicate You May Have Roof Problems

6 Signs That Indicate You May Have Roof Problems

August 10, 2018

The roof is one of the most critical parts of your house’s structure as it provides shelter from the outside elements. You must check on its condition and ensure it is always holding up well, particularly after storms or strong winds. Look out for the following red flags to determine whether you require roof repair services or replacement.

Factors That Indicate You Might Have Roof Problems

  • Age of Your Roof – The age and the associated history are crucial factors. Depending upon other variables such as outside elements, a roof typically lasts for about a couple of decades. Ask yourself the following questions to ascertain its remaining life:
    • Were there any major repairs done previously?
    • Has it been removed before?
    • How many layers of shingles are present?
    • What is the condition of the ventilation?
    • Is it having structural problems such as sagging?

    The answers to these questions will help you decide whether your roof requires replacement or repairs.

  • Leaks in the Roof – This is the most common sign that indicates a problem with your roof system. Leaks usually occur after heavy snowfall or rains. Keep an eye on these and call professionals who provide roof leak repair services immediately if you spot any water damage.
  • Stains on the Ceiling & Walls – Ice damming, using low-quality metal flashing, or poor flashing installation are the causes of stains on the walls and ceiling of your house. If left untreated, these may pose a serious threat.
  • Damage to the Paint – Peeling or blistering of paint also indicates that you may have roof problems. It is often due to poor attic ventilation. Moisture becomes trapped in the attic and causes damage.
  • Problems with Roof Shingles – Shingles are quick indicators when it comes to roofing problems. Look for the following:
    • The decay of shingles caused by age or constant exposure to extreme weather conditions.
    • Discoloured shingles due to loss of granules.
    • Cracked, missing, curling or buckling shingles which may be because of age or incorrect work done by roofers.

    Depending on the state of the shingles, you can decide if you need repair services, partial, or complete replacement.

  • Daylight through the Roof – If you see rays of light coming through the boards in your attic, know that it is a sign of a problem. Call the experts to investigate it before the situation gets worse.

It is essential that you consider the condition of your roof and keep an eye out for these signs of damages to avoid the need to seek emergency repair services.

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