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5 Signs Your Flat Roof Repair Wasn’t Done Right

5 Signs Your Flat Roof Repair Wasn’t Done Right

September 27, 2019

Most, if not all commercial, industrial and institutional buildings have flat roofs and there are many reasons for a flat roof repair in Toronto when dealing with your building. When you recognize that you have problems, you need the services of Toronto roofers for a Toronto roof repair. That is a given unless of course, you have advanced skills to deal with a roof leak repair. Leaks are common on flat roofs, and they are the single biggest source of work for a roofing contractor. When your building needs roofing repairs in Toronto, you have a choice of hundreds of contractors to come to your aid. But, are they the right contractor for your roof repairs in Toronto? You need quality advice that you can distill to determine whether you have chosen the right contractor. You can get into trouble when you hire a contractor who hasn’t provided the right solution for the problem you are dealing with. Start with an inspection if you see leaks in your building, you have a problem. Flat roofs will need maintenance from time to time, and it is best to get the full picture of why your building is leaking. Once you have found the leak, determine how it began. Weather events, old age, and regular maintenance can be the culprits that have caused the leaks. It is how they are fixed is the concern here. If the problem persists, you should be aware that the roof repair you paid for wasn’t down correctly. Here is a list of possibilities that will indicate if your roof repair wasn’t completed correctly.

Five signs your roof repair wasn’t done right

  • Recurring problems are the first indicator that the problem you have hasn’t been eliminated. You will notice almost immediately that your roofing problems weren’t corrected. The first rainstorm will tell if your repair was successful. If your still leaks, your money wasn’t well spent.
  • If the same problem persists and adds to existing problems, an incorrect solution creates a host of new problems. This happens mainly because an inexperienced contractor has applied the wrong solution to the problem. And it has to create new ones. For example, a skylight that was installed is leaking. A patchwork solution has torn up an area around the skylight that improperly sealed. The leak at the skylight may have been stopped, but a bigger leak was created by poor workmanship.
  • When one problem is solved with bad workmanship or techniques, it could leave you open to other problems. A chimney may be inadvertently damaged, or other components like the eavestrough or soffit have sustained damage. This creates compound problems because you believe your roof repair has been effective when, in reality, it has caused other problems that you aren’t aware of.
  • The eye test is one way to identify if your roofing repair was done poorly. Examine the area where the repair was made – if it looks bad, it is bad repair, that is a given. This should raise a giant red flag when you see this. If the area around the repair site is in good condition, your repair goal has been achieved.
  • Poor workmanship is a problem for any building owner. If you do your due diligence when screening a contractor, it is one you should be able to avoid. When buying roofing work, keep your eye on the contractor. If he is exhibiting activities or conduct that isn’t in your best interests, it won’t be.

If and when you have an unsuccessful roof repair, you know that you need the help of a competent, qualified roofing contractor. He will to come in and correct the flaws or mistakes that were made. In the event you need to make that call, Integrity Roofers is the contractor to come and solve the problems. At Integrity Roofers, we have served the Greater Toronto Area with quality roof repairs for almost two decades, and our success rate is 100 percent. Don’t let persistent problems cause more damage than you have on the roof right now. Call our office today, at Integrity Roofers for a free quote at 647-953-9365.